Purchasing and Shipping Information

Included in the cost of your kitten:  
Our pet kittens will be ready to leave our home  at about 12 weeks of age.   
They will be fully examined by our licensed veterinarian and given a clean bill of health (this does not include x-rays, ultrasounds, or blood tests.)  
They will be current on vaccinations and will be dewormed.
You will receive a health and shot record with each kitten.  
Once your kitten is spayed or neutered you will receive registration papers.

All kittens are sold with a written contract and health guarantee. If a pet kitten is not already neutered at the time of sale, 
a written neuter/spay agreement is required.  Kittens must be neutered/spayed between 6 to 10 months of age.  Spay or neuter costs are included in kitten price.  Kittens and cats MAY NOT be de-clawed, and must be kept in-doors  (Click here to see the details of our pet sales contract).  

Due to the inherent risks to kittens flying in cargo, we do not ship any kittens under 16  weeks of age. Kittens under 16 weeks must be picked up in person and flown home with their new owner in-cabin (or transported by automobile).  
We will ship via Airfreight to any area, all shipping expenses are at the buyer's expense.    
The typical fee for air shipping within the USA is around $250.  Price includes airline ticket, a pet carrier crate, and health certificate.   Please contact us directly with your location for full details on airfreight fees and procedures.  

Methods of Payment:
Payments are received via Pay Pal, cashiers check, or cash
We reserve the right to refuse sale, payment terms, and/or to nullify contracts at our discretion any time prior to shipping.